Siobhan O'Sullivan 


Growing up, I always knew that there was more to life than what met the eye. I didn’t know what that meant, or how to begin to unravel the mystery, but I always knew instinctively that there was more.

I navigated through my life with very little guidance, doing my best to try to figure things out along the way. I grew up with a lot of fear and a lot of anger which often led me to making poor choices.
I made a lot of mistakes and found out the hard way through struggle, regret and embarrassment, mistakes are the best way to learn and grow. I did a lot of learning!

As a young adult, I began checking the boxes to living a happy life. I was married, had two babies, house, a dog, a career and was “successful”.

I had followed the recipe to having a happy life, but during the process of checking all of those boxes, I was still left feeling completely unfulfilled.

I was searching for something more, but I didn’t know what it was. This cloud was hanging over my head. I had everything I have ever wanted, but I was feeling completely empty inside.

Honestly, I was so busy continuing to build the perfect life, make everything look great on the outside and making everyone else happy, that I didn’t bother to take the time to figure it out anyways.

In 2010, I suffered a  debilitating back injury. This is where everything changed. The ‘perfect life’ that I had spent my time managing, I could no longer participate in. I could not get out of bed, I could not take care of my children, I could not take care of myself.

At that point, I realized that building the perfect life to present to the outside world didn’t matter if I couldn’t even get out of bed. It was then that I realized, I had to get my inside life in order. I had to do some soul-searching.

Having made my career in traditional healthcare, I chose to blend the healthcare that I knew, understood and respected with holistic and alternative care that I was always curious about. I explored and accepted many different modalities of care that helped me on my healing journey. I am happy to say that I am now well and healed.

I was through accepting and honouring my deep physical pain and emotional suffering that allowed me the opportunity to dig deep into the healing process and begin to heal myself, heal my life, and open to new way of being.

It was through that process that also allowed me to tap into my own abilities as a gifted healer.

Through this personal healing journey I began to explore meditation, energy healing, self-awareness, and awakening my own in our healer. I began to live my life consciously awake not socially bounded.

I now live a life of passion and purpose. I am driven by authenticity and  a desire to serve. It is my intention in life to help people live happier, healthier, more balanced lives. It is my purpose in life (Dharma) to continue to grow, expand and heal myself so that I can help others grow,  expand and heal themselves.

I want to help others awaken their own inner healer and pass that awareness on to others, expanding the healing, awareness, energy and love.

On this incredible journey of soul seeking, I have had the unique privilege to spend time with, learn and train with Louise Hay, Dr. Patricia Crane and with the Heal Your Life®️ Organization. Training and becoming a certified and licensed life coach and wellness leader. I am also privilege to be a part of the training team with Heal Your Life®️ Canada.

I am a graduate of the Chopra Center University, where I was able to study Ayurveda, yoga and Primordial Sound Meditation and I am a Certified Teacher.

I am a Healing Touch®️ Practitioner registered with Healing Beyond Borders - which is an  International  governing organization.

My healing journey has also let me to obtain additional certifications in Reflexology Mastery, Acupressure, Medical Qi Gong Therapy, Sound Healing, Reiki Mastery, Critical Incident  Stress Management, Intuitive Guidance, Tantric counselling, 300 hr Yin Yoga,  and I am excited to say, I am currently studying Transformational Breath®️ with Dr. Judith Kravitz.

In 2014, Ananda Center for Wellness was created. It was inspired during meditation session with Dr. Deepak Chopra himself. I saw this wellness center in my mind’s eye and followed the divine guidance in creating this space.

Ananda Center for Wellness was created with the intention of offering a safe space for people to come - where upon entering, you feel safe, loved and deeply listened to. Whether you were coming to learn more about meditation, heal tour body, classes or coaching, is it a place where you can come to heal, expand and create awareness in your own life. It is with gratitude that I offer service.

⭐️Ananda Center for Wellness offers a space for other like-minded, heart centered practitioners to grow and share their services. We offer services such as ethically minded retail, Reiki, Shamanic Journeying and more. You can learn more about additional services under the services tab.