March 2018 ☘️

As this winter (and hockey season)  is winding down, this  month I am thinking a lot about gratitude.

This winter my little family of four  all under one roof - became two households, split between two provinces.

My son accepted an offer to play at a hockey academy in Calgary, Alberta. A dream he had talked about for years.

It was a very big sacrifice personally, emotionally and financially for our family to make this dream a reality for him.

So much change could make a person feel overwhelmed. I chose to view this change as an opportunity to discover the deeper meaning of this little push from the Universe. I encouraged my family to do the same.

An opportunity for my son, became an opportunity for my whole family to transform.

I am grateful that I have a flexible career that allowed me  to spend the winter with him in Calgary.

I am grateful that we have a beautiful, comfortable house to call home while in Calgary.

I am grateful for unexpected gatherings with my sisters that were easier to plan, being closer to each other .

I am grateful that I have a wonderful friend and fellow hockey mom who traded weeks with me in Calgary so I could come back and forth and be with the other half of my family.

I am grateful that I was able to watch my son grow, mature, gain independence and athletic skill while pursuing his dream of playing hockey at a higher level.

I am grateful that my son has caught the travel bug through this experience. He was able to experience travel almost every week to British Columbia, Montana, California and now Beijing, China next month!

I am grateful that my husband and daughter had an opportunity to connect with each other in a way that I am not sure would’ve been possible, had we not spent so much time away from them this winter. They now have such a  close bond with beautiful inside jokes and conversations.

I am grateful to live in a community that always took interest in and asked about my son while he was away going to school and playing hockey. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to “miss” my husband again and for our sweet connection after 23 years together.

I am grateful for a safe reliable vehicle, clear highway conditions and limited winter storms while driving 10 hours every week.

Finally, I am grateful for my amazing clients who were understanding and allowed me to adjust my work schedule to be with my son.

When you practice gratitude , it opens the flow of abundance and even more goodness.

I have loved every moment of this experience and for every moment, I am grateful.

This month Ananda Center for Wellness offers:

💜Daily appointments (Monday-Saturday) for Energy Work, Sound Balancing, Reflexology, Acupressure, HYL Coaching  

💜Yin Yoga at the West Central Events Center. Wednesdays 1215-1245 (drop in $5) 

💜March 15 - Sound Bath & Meditation 6pm 

💜Group Meditations & Private (small group sessions) 

💜Contact me for bookings and for more information regarding classes & services.